Making Viewer™ VR Edition

Rosing Kreativitetsprisen 2013 WSA Award Nominee Webby Awards Nominee

You may have seen our 360° videos, but now, for the first time, it really IS “like being there!™ Announcing the Worlds’ first 360°x360° Video Viewer™ – Made for the Oculus Rift

2014 July Beta Versions for Oculus Rift DK1/HD & Regular Screens!

NB! These demos play back 4K (12PPD*) 360° videos, and therefore require a strong PC.

Our July 2014 VR demos demonstrate the power of our Camera technologies, capable of recording 8K (23PPD*) 360° videos, and our VR players, capable of playing 4K (12PPD*) 360° videos.


Docks 8K

With our Docks VR demo, we demonstrate the power of our 8K (23PPD*) 360° camera, which shoots VR-ready, super high resolution video at 30 fps, and a small form factor making it able to shoot all the extreme clips as we have become famous for. The video has been downscaled to 4K (12PPD*), which is a quarter of its raw resolution.

Win32bit → Win64bit →

Norway 360

Merging our Webby award winning pictures in 8K (23PPD*) with our VR technologies, we have created the Norway 360 teaser. This VR demo only scratches the surface of what Making View is creating for VR experiences in the future. From kids to grandma, these experiences are for everyone. So sit down, relax and enjoy Norway, the most scenic country on Earth.

Win32bit → Win64bit →

Dornier DO 24 ATT

Win32bit → Win64bit →

Hare Scramble

Win32bit → Win64bit →

Hangar 7 Sound

Win32bit → Win64bit →

Stearman PT-17

Win32bit → Win64bit →

You can enjoy all the VR experiences above on both the Oculus Rift DK1/HD and a regular screen. Navigate with your head and/or keyboard (WASD/Arrows/Space) in the videos. In the Norway 360 Tour, navigate with head, keyboard (WASD/Arrows) or click+drag with mouse (only without Oculus connected). The sound level of the videos can be adjusted with the keyboard (R/F or Num+/Num-)

If you experience problems with playback, please ensure that you have a computer capable of playing 4K videos, has a good GPU, and have the latest codecs installed (We recommend K-Lite Mega Codec Pack).