Rosing Kreativitetsprisen 2013 WSA Award Nominee Webby Awards Nominee

The Sky360Cam Technology

Our Sky360Cam area presentations are created using high quality panorama photos in conjunction with a unique, high technology flash / html5viewer. A lot of useful functions could be included into this flash / html5 viewer. Such as active maps, sharing panoramas on Facebook and Twitter, zoom and fullscreen functionality, webcams, video, View360Cam 360° video, realtime weather information and much more. The photos are made with a remote sensor, making it possible to reach areas that previously were inaccessible. With this special technique we can cover large areas in a short time and make photos specific to our customers needs.

The Geiranger 360° Tour is the 16th Annual Webby Award Winner in the Best Home/Welcome Page category

 Sky360Cam Camera system

  • Full sphere image
  • 10000X5000 image resolution
  • 8 channel remote operation
  • Angle level adjustment system
  • 5,8 Ghz Live view video feed to controller
  • Handles speed up to 80 knots
  • Auto GPS metadata

The View360Cam Technology

The View360Cam is a light weight, remote controlled, stand alone 360° video system, which enable us to shoot 360° video never before possible. The View360Cam can capture the experience of anything from a slow concert, to a car race, to extreme sports such as wingsuit flying. With its weight of only approx 650gr (2,9 oz) it can be mounted on anything from a athlete’s helmet, to an airplane, to a F1 race car.

 View360Cam Camera system

  • Lightweight – ≈650 grams (2,9 oz)
  • 4K x 2K equirectangular video @ 25-50 fps
  • 2,4 GHz remote controlled
  • 160 – 224 GB internal memory
  • Synchronized image sensor control
  • Modular system

The MakingViewer™ Technology

The MakingViewer™ is an award winning Flash/HTML5 web-based 2D/360 photo and video viewer. It is currently being used in combination with the View360Cam and Sky360Cam systems for Immersive Panorama presentations and Videos.

MakingViewer™ 2

  • Flash/html5 – Based web native viewer
  • Supports PC, Mac, IOS and Android
  • Plays both 2d and 360 photo and video
  • Embeds on Facebook walls
  • Customizable UI graphics

MakingViewer™ 1

  • Flash-Based web native viewer
  • Supports PC, Mac
  • Plays 360° video
  • Embeds on Facebook walls
  • Customizable UI graphics

Our UAS Technologies

A remotely operated, unmanned, miniature multi rotor chraft, designed to carry video and still camera.

UAS system

  • Autonomous flight
  • Payload up to 2 kg (70 oz)
  • Bluetooth Communication to ground station
  • GPS-System – Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Coming Home
  • SLR, View360Cam and video mount
  • 5,8 GHz video downlink

Aerial Photography Technology

We perform aerial photography, whether for private use or in connection with the sale of property for realestate, construction and development applications. Images post processed by us for optimal performance and comes according to customer requirements.

 Aerial Camera system

  • Full frame SLR sensors like Canon 5D MK3 for maximum quality
  • High grade lensen 8 – 200mm
  • Thermophoto, home & building inspections
  • Duration -10 min
  • Geotagging
  • Live view from camera to operator

Our StreetView Technology

Making View AS was first in Norway to develop, produce and deliver street views in large scale. In 2008 we delivered more than 2 million street view panoramas in the areas with the most population in Norway to the catalogue service, Sesam, which was a part of
In 2009 Making View entered a strategic partnership with C3 Technologies, a spin-off from Saab Aerospace in Linköping Sweden, and delivered more than 3 million street view panoramas to Eniro in Scandinavia and Poland and to in the UK. C3 was later sold to Apple.
StreetViews from Making View™ can be tailored to the customers´ needs. Example of usages can be university and hospital areas, municipalities, museums etc.
Ask us for an offer.

 StreetView Camera system

  • Full sphere image
  • 15000X7500  image resolution
  • Adjustable auto trigger system
  • 192 GB internal memory
  • Auto IMU/GPS metadata